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Full display Saturday 
North American TF-51D Dual-Control Mustang

Year of Manufacture: 1945
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Powered by: Packard Merlin V-1650-7

This dual-control P-51 Mustang is the only of its type in the UK.

Built too late to see combat service in World War Two, P-51D 44-84847 was one of the last Mustangs constructed at North American Aviation’s Dallas, Texas, plant. Details of her post war service career are limited, but there is photographic evidence, from September 1951, of her serving with the 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron at Kimpo, South Korea, during the Korean War.

By late 1951 the 45th TRS were replacing their aging Mustangs with RF-80 Shooting Star jets, and so 44-84847 was shipped back the US to serve with the Air National Guard until around 1956. Around this time she slips off the radar until January 1999 when she re-appears in North Dakota as a restoration project. The airframe moved to Chino, California for a full restoration with the decision made to modify her to two-seat TF-51D configuration.



Richard Goodwin will be back with  us with his amazing display  in his Pitts S2S ,

The original Pitts was designed by Curtis Pitts and first flew in 1945. G-EWIZ is a Pitts S2S, one of only 30 aircraft ever built.  Most were certified production Aircraft, but a few, including G-EWIZ were home built from factory kits.

The Pitts S2S was purpose designed in the 1960’s for competition and Air Show Aerobatics.  

G-EWIZ is powered by six cylinder, 8.5 litre engine, producing over 300HP. It has a flying weight of 700 Kg, a top speed of over 200 mph and capable of pulling plus 6 g and minus 5g.

The biplane gets its strength from the box like structure of the wings with the top and bottom wings connected by diagonal steel wires to give it rigidity.  

Richard is passionate about building and flying Biplanes and G-EWIZ has been modified specifically for aerial entertainment at air shows.  

Modifications include new titanium landing gear, new shaped cowling, Skydynamics cold induction system, and an Airflow Performance fuel injection and smoke system.  

Returning back with us for the 10 th year team Aero Sparx  wih there amazing day and night display.


The AeroSparx Hangar

The Grob 109 is a super-efficient motor glider, with impressive soaring capabilities. It is used in many fields and is a very capable training aircraft which has been developed into the perfect day and night aerobatic display vehicle.


Also returning back this year Glider FX display team .Pilot Ian Galacher , Guy westgate, Paul Holdan 

Welcome to the online home of gliderFX. We are offer stunning and unique aerobatic displays in the world’s most exciting aerobatic gliders aided by wingtip smoke and pyrotechinics. Our breathtaking displays are suitable for events of all types ranging from birthday parties and weddings to major sporting events and airshows. No venue is too small and we can fill the sky with action at the biggest event too.

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All Attractions  are subject to availability  and  weather conditions .

Please note visting aircraft  are PPR only  air show frequency is 121.175

all visiting aircraft must be on the ground  before 10.00  AM  

Please Tel 07758895068  for permision 

14 / 15 / 16 June 2019 - Weston Park