The Blades are a leading display team, world-famous for flying close-formation aerobatics to the highest level.

  • Formed in 2006
  • Over 25,000 hours flying experience collectively
  • Perform their display to over 4 million people per year at airshows and private events
  • Champions of the World Formation Aerobatic Challenge in China 2017

Performing in front of live audiences of approximately four million people a year, the Blades display is designed to showcase the performance and capabilities of the Extra 300 as an aerobatic stunt plane. Undertaking aerobatic manoeuvres less than four metres apart in perfect formation, executing high-speed synchronised passes and extreme gyroscopic aerobatics, the team has won not only crowd loyalty, but also international accolades with their cutting-edge displays. • Demonstrates over 30 separate awe-inspiring manoeuvres • During the 15 minute display each aircraft covers 25 ‘air miles’ • The aircraft reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour, with crossing speeds of around 350 miles per hour • The Blades Aerobatic Display Team is one of very few display teams which is permitted to arrive at a public display over the heads of the crowds • The Blades are a leading display team renowned worldwide for flying precision and close-formation aerobatics to the highest level. Since the team began in 2006, The Blades have flown hundreds of displays throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. D








Weston Park Model Airshow strives to bring the best in all that we do. Along with the worlds best models and model pilots we like to mis the days up with world class full size displays. So far, Weston Park Model Airshow 2020 can confirm the following fullsize displays.







Our Team’s pilots have a wealth of experience from both air displays and aerobatic competitions and our displays have been seen in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Our pilots have taken top honours in national aerobatic competitions and have also competed at European and World levels.

In 2010, our displays were witnessed by over 3.5 million people at venues in the UK and across Europe.

The team have also featured in the National Press and on International television broadcasts as well as displaying further afield in the Middle East.

For more information on GliderFX please see their website:






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AeroSPARX are the only team in the world to combine Formation flying, Aerobatics and night time pyro!

We are an aerobatic stunt display team who have brightened up airshows across the world with our smooth, graceful manoeuvres and quality formation flying. Perhaps best known for their stunning wing-tip pyrotechnics. AeroSPARX have been dazzling audiences with their remarkable demonstrations as far afield as Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

Established in 2015, pilots Guy Westgate and Rob Barsby, regularly take to the skies in their Grob109b motor gliders. By day, they perform a formation flying display with aerial acrobatics, while at night they quite literally shine with their unique pyro fireworks display.

Based in the UK, AeroSPARX have had a busy few years captivating audiences across Europe, Asia and New Zealand, with many more fascinating locations lined up for 2018.

There are hundreds of flying display acts world wide, but only about 200 formation teams. Only half of these perform formation aerobatics and only 6 of these teams fly with pyro.... only 1 team does it all at night - AerosSPARX are globally unique!


For more information on AeroSPARX please see their website:





Richard Goodwin 

 Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S G-EWIZ

The original Pitts was designed by Curtis Pitts and first flew in 1945. G-EWIZ is a Pitts S2S, one of only 30 aircraft ever built.  Most were certified production Aircraft, but a few, including G-EWIZ were home built from factory kits.

The Pitts S2S was purpose designed in the 1960’s for competition and Air Show Aerobatics.  

G-EWIZ is powered by six cylinder, 8.5 litre engine, producing over 300HP. It has a flying weight of 700 Kg, a top speed of over 200 mph and capable of pulling plus 6 g and minus 5g.

The biplane gets its strength from the box like structure of the wings with the top and bottom wings connected by diagonal steel wires to give it rigidity.  

Richard is passionate about building and flying Biplanes and G-EWIZ has been modified specifically for aerial entertainment at air shows.  

Modifications include new titanium landing gear, new shaped cowling, Skydynamics cold induction system, and an Airflow Performance fuel injection and smoke system.  

Richard is also in the process of building new revolutionary Blade Wings, designed by Eddie which will be used on the new Jet Pitts. They are an ultimate wing for the Pitts and will give a much improved roll rate.  


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Full size displays are subject to change and or cancellation without notice. Any fullsize display will be performed weather permitting.









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